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Fairy House Mother is a small business started by Sabrina Cafuoco, offering a variety of lifestyle and home concierge services to the Fire Island community. Sabrina created Fairy House Mother with the vision of helping those around her and in her community enjoy life, by meeting their domestic needs. We all need our very own Fairy House Mother to make space for life to happen. Sabrina expertly handles all your domestic needs so you can enjoy life. With Fairy House Mother, dreams really do come true!

Sabrina has had the very lucky, very rare, and very fortunate experience of being born and raised on Fire Island. As the youngest daughter of Dominick and Susan Cafuoco, Sabrina is a true native. Sabrina has spent her life cultivating her relationship with the MAGIC of Fire Island. Not only with the beauty of the island itself, but also with the community; a mix of both seasonal and year-round residents, vacationers, staff and business owners. Sabrina understands the island better than most and knows how to make the best of Fire Island living.

The Cafuoco family have been living on the island since the 1960s and serving the Fire Island community with honesty, integrity and dedication since then. You can trust that Sabrina Cafuoco and Fairy House Mother are no exception to the standard the Cafuocos have established over the past 50 years. Sabrina has spent her entire career dedicated to the hospitality and events space. It's given her the opportunity to travel and live around the world. Most recently in Napa Valley, CA and Telluride, CO, where Sabrina has been honing her wine and food knowledge. It's these types of life experiences and her intimate knowledge of Fire Island, that gives her the expertise to create an environment that enhances your time on Fire Island. You can trust in Fairy House Mother to provide the highest level of service and reliability, with a strong family and reputation to back it.

To Sabrina, it's all about making sure her clients Enjoy Life. She consistently goes above and beyond what is asked of her. Her efficiency, attention to detail and grace sets her clients at ease and services apart from any other. There is never a problem too big for her to solve. Whatever you need from Fairy House Mother, Sabrina will make sure it gets done and done well.


I have been looking for a Fairy House Mother all my life and finally, she has arrived! Sabrina and her crew waved their magic wands to create a magical weekend for me and my guests. I couldn’t have done it without them.
— Danielle, Seaview
Sabrina was absolutely amazing! I was able to relax with my family and enjoy our vacation while she worked to ensure we had everything we needed. She stocked the house with the best produce, meats, fruits and vegetables. We had everything we needed for the week and we didn’t have to carry one bag or wagon from the dock!! It was the best of both worlds, having hotel/ concierge like experience at fire island. We also loved the private yoga lessons!! Now that we have experienced fire island with Sabrina, there is no other way to go!! Highly recommend the fairy house mother!
— Katie Mckeon McDonald, Ocean Beach
Sabrina helped coordinate a 20+ person family reunion dinner at my house and organized our pantry for our two week stay. Without her I would have never been able to pull it off or have enjoyed myself as much as I did! She made great catering recommendations and executed the whole night perfectly. My whole family can’t thank you enough. Looking forward to doing it again next summer!!
— Caryl Walsh, Fair Harbor
We used Fairy House Mother this summer!! What a wonderful experience. The one stressful thing about vacationing on Fire Island is getting all our belongings to the house. Sabrina was reliable and responsive and took all the stress out of getting there, making a great vacation even better. Next year we’ll be sure to take advantage of the other services offered. She really is a Fairy House Mother!!
— Dominick Murello, Ocean Beach
What a wonderful job you did. So much care the way you loaded the fridge, etc. Thanks too for the sweet and informative notes! Want to come home with me to do the same there?! Again— many, many thanks. Such a relief to have a stocked fridge!
— Marian, Dunewood
We had a great experience with Fairy House Mother this past summer as our bartender for that evenings event.
We found her to be professional, friendly, and extremely capable and experienced.
I look forward to using her service again and we would highly recommend.
— Carol and Lenny Federer, Seaview
Fairy House Mother is amazing!!! Sabrina came to my house for an end of the year clean and winter shut down. She thoroughly went through each room with me asking questions I didn’t even think of! The house was immaculate when she was done! Three words- professional, thorough and friendly! Thanks Sabrina!
— Danielle Taylor Brocco, Ocean Beach