Bubbly brings Cheer!

There’s something special about the bubbly… whether from the motherland or the new world, the sparkle of those gaseous bubbles can really get you in the mood to have a great time.

Ever wonder why?

There seems to be very little science, but quite a few theories as to why.  A french-man once explained to me that the carbon dioxide inside those tiny bubbles actually allow the alcohol to be absorbed faster into the bloodstream. And that's why we can feel the effects of champagne after only a few sips. Makes sense, right?     

image courtesy of vinepair

image courtesy of vinepair

How important is glassware? Very. Flutes are synonymous with celebration and their shape does in fact help to retain the bubbles inside the glass. Riedel has even gone so far in the design of their flutes, to burn an imperfection in the bottom of each glass with a laser, creating a very classy singular stream of bubbles to the surface. But did you know that wine geeks and somms would generally prefer to drink champagne from a white wine glass? Here's what one expert has to say...

(I've always felt the same way about bubbly glassware but for a very different reason. Those of us with a larger schnoz might understand... that narrow opening just gets in the way. Haha!) 

image courtesy of thrillist

image courtesy of thrillist

It's no surprise that sparkling wine sales skyrocket during the holidays, but it should not just be reserved for celebrating in flutes. Sparkling wine pairs incredibly well with food. Try it with your favorite hors d’oeuvres, cured meats and cheeses, shellfish of course, poultry, seafood, even steak, veggies of all kinds, fruit, dessert, pastries… breakfast... you name it. It's delicacy will complement lighter fair, while the combination of it's bright acidity and bubbles will balance heavier foods. Sparkling wine goes with just about everything! 


Here are some of the BEST (that you may have never heard of)




Pol Roger


Shinn Estates


… do you have any favorites to add??? Comment below! 


A good bottle of bubbly goes a long way. Always say YES to sparkling!