My grandfather used to say that once in your life you need a doctor, lawyer, policeman and a preacher, but everyday, three times a day, you need a farmer.
— Brenda Schoepp

Long Island has a rich agricultural history, from Native Americans to European Settlers, and that farming tradition carries through today... You don't have to travel very far to enjoy the vastness of our local farm land.  We are blessed with the holy trinity of farming; rain, sunshine and fertile (although sandy) soil. These are great conditions for growing all sorts of yummy fruits and veggies. (They've even figured out how to grow some pretty good grapes in our loamy soil... but I'll save that for another blog. Wink, wink.) 

Access to farm fresh local organic and sustainable produce is a big deal. We are very fortunate to be so close to such rich farm land. There are countless reasons why we all should be enjoying more of nature's bounty on a regular basis. Farm fresh local produce last longer, tastes better, has more nutrients, is better for the environment and will help us all live happier, healthier lives... 


I don't want to stand up on a soap-box and preach. There is enough of that in the world already. If you get it, great!!!! If not, you're probably not reading this blog anyway. (haha! winkey face) But just in case you want to read a little... check out this article about the food crisis. Edible is one of my favorite food rags. I highly recommend it.

I also don't need to tell you how busy we are these days. We all know this. It's not good for us. We all need to slow down and take time to #enjoylifemore. Let's remind each other to find the time to interact socially (in real life) and support the local community. As human beings, we need each other, we need our communities. Community makes us stronger and keeps us happier and healthier. If you don't trust me, maybe you trust Berkeley?

This summer, I'm literally bringing the farm to the beach. Dreams really do come true! Let's join together as a community of Fire Islanders, take advantage of our proximity to Long Island farms and support our neighbors and planet at the same time. 

  • Community-supported agriculture (CSA) is a great way to invest in our farmers and support our local food economy.

  • What is a CSA? A CSA farm sells subscriptions or memberships and participants pay up front for an allotment of shares over a period of time, generally once per week for 14 to 20 or more weeks. Costs vary, depending on the products in the share and the number of deliveries included. Shares are typically delivered to a drop site.

  • Why Participate? CSAs are perfect for busy schedules and is a great way to add variety and inspire new recipes. For the farmer, CSAs offer stability. Because members purchase subscriptions ahead of time, the farmer can plan crops and respond to unexpected weather conditions, if needed. The shared risk between member and farmer is what creates a sense of community and a stronger connection to the farm.

Visit the  SHOP  to learn more about FI Farm Boxes and sign up for your farm share today. #farmtobeach

Visit the SHOP to learn more about FI Farm Boxes and sign up for your farm share today. #farmtobeach



Designed with community and sustainability at heart

Fire Island CSA FARM BOXES offer you

our FI friends and neighbors

Organic farm fresh fruit and vegetables all summer long...

Dreams really do come true!


CSA = Community Supported Agriculture

FI CSA FARM BOXES come directly from the farmer out-east

to your door on Fire Island


Delivered Weekly

CSA FARM BOX full of organic fruit + vegetables

Regular Season

June through September (approx. 16 weeks)

Options to buy: Full Shares, Half Shares or Third Shares


Long Season is also available

June - mid November (approx. 25 weeks)

visit the SHOP for details


Fruit and Vegetables come from multiple farms
Vegetables are 100% certified organic
Fruit is mostly organic


FI CSA FARM BOX Price Includes:

Your CSA farm-share

Recipe inspiration

Farm-to-Beach shipping + handling


Our Fire Island CSA program is only possible

with community support!


The more people sign-up,

the better the price...


Tell your friends.


50% Season Deposit due by April 1st

(pending total sign-ups received, price adjustments to be made)

Balance due by June 1st

For your viewing pleasure, here are a few sample full share vegetable boxes from the CSA farm last year... just imagine what you could create this year! 

June 2016 Sample Vegetable Share

June 2016 Sample Vegetable Share

July 2016 Sample Vegetable Share

July 2016 Sample Vegetable Share

August 2016 Sample Vegetable Share

August 2016 Sample Vegetable Share

September 2016 Sample Vegetable Share

September 2016 Sample Vegetable Share

Sign-up is Easy

1. Visit our online SHOP


2. Simply email me,

Include your Name, FI Address and which Farm Box you'd like

Drop a check in the mail (PO BOX 82, OB 11770)

make payable to Sabrina Cafuoco can also give cash to the first Cafuoco you see :)