Pre-Season Special: FI Essentials + FULL Cellar Combo

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Pre-Season Special: FI Essentials + FULL Cellar Combo


Get Ready for Summer!


Some things were just meant to be together... 

Combine two luxury shopping experiences, one amazing value!

Available for a limited time -- Offer disappears after Memorial Day


FI Essentials

Let us stock your house for the season with all your bulk non-perishables. You’ll never have to make a special trip to Target or Costco again before heading to the beach! Schlepping those awkward giant packs of paper towels is a thing of the past.

FIRE ISLAND ESSENTIALS is designed for long-term rentals and homeowners enjoying their beach houses for an extended period of time. Fairy House Mother will stock your house with all those bulk non-perishables. FI ESSENTIALS may include paper towels, toilet paper, napkins, cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, toiletries, diapers, wipes, etc... Your time is valuable. Spend it on what matters most. We’ll handle the rest. We’ll help you build your custom shopping list, deliver your FI ESSENTIALS to your house and put everything neatly away.


FULL Cellar

Summer on Fire Island is a time to celebrate, entertain and imbibe with friends and family!

And you never want to get stuck empty handed when guests show up. Stock up for the week, month or season with our FULL CELLAR signature shopping service. 

We do all the shop, stock and schlep for you!

We'll even make some spectacular suggestions based on what you like... If you trust us, we just might blow your mind. 

As with all our luxury shopping experiences, FULL CELLAR includes assistance building your custom shopping list and we neatly put everything away for you. What a dream! We’ll even pre-chill some of your beer and wine so it's ready to crack one open as soon as you arrive! 


It’s time to relax and unwind… you’ve been visited by Fairy House Mother.


Regular Price: $350, plus cost of goods

+20% commission on cost of goods during high season (June - Labor Day)


Pre-Season Special Package Price: $275, plus cost of goods

20% Commission Comp'd

(online price includes processing fees)

*Package Fees are due upon engagement of services.

**Package Fees do not include goods and services committed on client's behalf. A valid credit card or commitment deposit may be required for any goods and services to be rendered. Any balance remaining is due upon completion of service.  

PLEASE NOTE: Before purchasing online, we ask that you please confirm with Fairy House Mother directly (via email or by phone) to be sure your specific date and service is available. Email: Phone: (917) 968-1007

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